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Agilent E3633a Driver

Self-Test A power-on self-test occurs automatically when you turn on the power supply. Current Output Checkout Turn the knob clockwise or counter clockwise when the display is in the meter mode the annunciator is off. Recommended Test Equipment. Queries return either output values or internal instrument settings.

The lower the temperature of the components, the better the reliability. It is possible that certain combinations of load capacitance, equivalent series resistance, and load lead inductance will result in instability. Cal security disabled by jumper The calibration security feature has been disabled with a jumper inside the power supply.

The operating point of one supply will be either above or below the line R. Note that the new calibration constants are not stored in the non-volatile memory. This chapter will describe in detail the use of these front-panel keys and show how they are used to accomplish power supply operation. This chapter provides a general description of your power supply. Refer to the later sections in this chapter for more complete details on each command.

Unless otherwise stated, the information in this manual applies to both two models. Reliability Reliability of electronic semiconductor equipment depends heavily on the temperature of the components.

Preliminary Checkout The following steps help you verify that the power supply is ready for use. Power supply is in remote interface mode. This section is only an overview and does not give all of the details you will need to write your own application programs. There are no public properties which can be set from the command line.

Also include a brief description of the problem. To recall the stored state, go to the following steps.

Unregulated State Normal mode voltage noise is in the form of ripple related to the line frequency plus some random noise. Performance Specifications.

Agilent Technologies E3634A Service Manual

This section gives information on configuring the remote interface. Display Annunciators Power supply is addressed to listen or talk over a remote interface. Calibration Security Code. The output will return to meter mode. From the remote interface, extensa 4220 bluetooth driver you can display a character message on the front panel.

One power cord for your location. To Unsecure the Power Supply for Calibration. You must send this command before calibrating the voltage. This command queries the power-on status clear setting.

The power supply sends back to the control circuits a voltage representing the output at the terminals. Installation instructions and hardware are included with each rack-mounting kit. The operating state is now stored. Check that the ammeter responds to knob control and Limit the voltmeter indicates nearly zero the voltmeter will show the voltage drop caused by the test lead. When you receive your power supply, read the count to determine its initial value.

Agilent e3633a driver

Known Issues This driver does not have any known defects. Source for this driver is not available. If you plan to use the driver with.

Many of the commands required by the standard are accepted by the power supply but are not described in this manual for simplicity or clarity. Most of these non-documented commands duplicate the functionality of a command already described in this manual. Verify that you have received the following items with your power supply.

For example, the following command string guarantees that the first trigger is accepted and is executed before the second trigger is recognized. The automatic power-on test includes a self- test that checks the internal microprocessors and allows the user visually to check the display. Initial Operation Initial Operation There are three basic tests in this chapter. Calibration Overview If you forget your security code, you can disable the security feature by adding a jumper inside the power supply, and then entering a new code. The cable and adapter pin diagram are shown below.

This information is not directly related to setting up the power supply but is an important part of operating the power supply. The Front Panel at a Glance.

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies E3633A

You may have misspelled the command or it may not be a valid command. Refer to this table to identify programming values when programming the power supply. Careful lead layout and keeping the power supply circuitry away from power devices and other noise sources will keep these values low. With Excel you can take the value of a cell in a spread sheet, send it to the power supply, and then record the response on the worksheet.

Agilent E36xx IVI-COM Driver

This line represents a load where the output voltage and the output current are equal to the voltage and current setting. You can search the DoC by its product model or description at the Web address below.

The driver installer calls an installer for these components if they are not already present on the system. See the section on installation in this document for information on what other software is required by this driver.

Model Specifications

This query performs a complete self-test of the power supply. Constant Voltage Operation Adjust the knob to the desired current limit. An indication on the rear panel shows the nominal input voltage set for the power supply at the factory. Aborting a Calibration in Progress. Status Byte query command is similar to a serial poll but it is processed like any other instrument command.

Model Specifications



An external source can not be allowed to pump current into the supply without risking loss of regulation and possible damage. Command execution continues but all data is lost. During the initial operation, you were briefly introduced to operating from the front panel as you learned how to check basic voltage and current functions. This command queries the current measured across the current sense resistor inside the power supply.

Agilent E36xx IVI-COM Driver

The output check ensures that the power supply develops its rated outputs and properly responds to operation from the front panel. Any output terminal may be grounded, or an external voltage source may be connected between any terminal output and ground. Your power supply was calibrated before it left the factory. The calibration count feature can be performed from the remote interface only. The current address is displayed momentarily on the front panel when you turn on the power supply.

The installer, IviSharedComponents. This gives a zero output voltage without actually disconnecting the output. This also enables you to recall the entire instrument configuration with just a few key presses from the front panel.