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List of Divergent characters

  1. It was formed on the principle that war and fighting are the causes of human problems.
  2. Against his skin his smile looks white.
  3. Just like Tris, he was born Abnegation, but chose to transfer to Dauntless to escape the abuse of his father.

After that, they leave Dauntless and become factionless. Tris was the right character Roth wanted to be the main character of her novel. He was born Erudite, should i join a dating but moved to Abnegation to start a life with Natalie.

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Summit dates Divergent March 21 2014
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He is secretly in love with her, but she instead married Andrew Prior upon entering Chicago. However, Tris immediately hauled her firearm out and debilitated to shoot him before he could shoot Tobias. He does not show up to meet his parents during the Visiting Day even though they look for him. Upon Four's return, Caleb does as his sister asked and passes her final message to Four, angering him. Erudite stirs dissent against the city's Abnegation leadership and accuses their leader Marcus of abusing his son.

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Four suspects that Amar's death was caused by Eric. Amity is one of the five factions in the world of Divergent, and it is dedicated to peace. When Dauntless and factionless attack Erudite compound, Tori corners her in her laboratory. Journal of Business Research. Tris initially finds David to be a nice man after he lets her read Natalie's journal.

He is the neighbor of the Priors. She asserts that they must save the innocent Erudite during the attack or all their knowledge will be dead with them. He brutally beats up Molly and Drew when they try to join the factionless division in which Edward is.

  • Another Dauntless-born initiate, and a good friend of Uriah and Marlene.
  • Max is put on trial, and is executed by Edgar.
  • During the invasion mission, he is the last person to climb the ladder as he was holding onto the other end for the others.
  • He is described as having pale green eyes.
  • Hana Pedrad is a senior member of Dauntless and the mother of Uriah and Zeke.

Lynn shoots Max in the chest and during the escape Shauna gets shot in the back and becomes paralyzed waist-down for which Shauna blames herself. She chooses Abnegation as her faction and marries Marcus Eaton. Four uncovers Erudite's plans to use Dauntless to stage an attack on Abnegation.

He is approximately ten years old. Growing up, Caleb had a secret fondness for books and a ceaselessly inquisitive nature that he worked hard to keep under wraps. She is resentful towards the genetically pure leaders of the compound and plans the rebellion in which Uriah is fatally injured. To take revenge on Tris, she tells lies to an Erudite reporter about Tris and her father Andrew.

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Divergent (novel)

He chooses Dauntless at the Choosing Ceremony. He almost falls down on his way to the bowls at the ceremony. She is close friends with other Dauntless-born Uriah and Marlene. Dauntless demonstrate their fearlessness by jumping on and off moving trains throughout the novel.

The Blacks are neighbors of the Prior family and she along with her brother, grew up with Tris and Caleb. The news follows last week's report by The Sun-Times via Media Mass that the Hollywood celebrity and his lady-love were spotted shopping for engagement rings. Robert Black is a member of Amity faction.

Divergent Characters

Gabe is a member of Dauntless faction. Amy Newbold plays Molly Atwood in the Divergent film. Uriah dies in Allegiant from serious injuries to his brain caused by an explosion. During simulation initiation, he finds out that Tris is Divergent he tells her to be careful about it and deletes the footage of the incident before walking her back to her dorm. In the Allegiant film, she is convinced by Peter to use the memory serum gas on her enemies, but when she realizes it will wipe everyone involved, she tries to stop it but is shot by Peter.

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He asks Four to be his executioner, who complies. Peter, Drew, and Al attack Tris, threatening sexual assault and nearly throwing her to her death, but Four intervenes. Later in Insurgent, she becomes one of the leaders of Dauntless along with Four and Harrison. He has a daughter, Susan Black, and a son, Robert Black. Tris does not want to hurt him at all and helps him to break his simulation and he, online along with Tris stop the Erudite simulation and free other Dauntless.

When Erudite and Dauntless traitors arrive to capture them, they escape by jumping on a train to the factionless camp where they meet Tobias's mother. Also he laughs silently, which makes him look like he is in pain. He climbs slowly and in the middle his glasses fall down, things to the mind controlled Candor below fire and shoot him in his leg.

Beatrice Tris Prior

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List of Divergent characters

Uriah was in a coma and the doctors said he would not wake up. Later, worrying that her family would forget her should the memory serum ever be spread, Christina decides to inject them with the memory antiserum, which she is successful with. Their chosen color is grey, as they all wear grey colored, loose fitting clothes. During the war between Allegiant and the factionless, sex dating in ghana she and Marcus meet with Four and the now-changed Evelyn to stop the war altogether and free the society from confinement.

She mercilessly teases Tris, growing extremely angry with her after Tris beats her in a fight and causes her ranking to be low. During the war, Four gives a memory serum to Peter to reset his memory when Peter states that he no longer wants to be mean and cruel and wants to change. The new Dauntless initiates jump onto a moving train to Dauntless headquarters, and are instructed to jump onto the roof. Glass represents it at the Choosing Ceremony. He also develops feelings for Tris.

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Tris comforts him until the nurse arrives just like her mother did to her once and also cleans his blood off the floor. She is described as having dark eyes and hair with light skin. He also finds out that Erudite are planning to use Dauntless to attack on Abnegation. Description and notable quote. Four attacks him in front of everyone as the Dauntless members are teasing him to be a coward due to his confession under the influence of the truth serum.

Katherine Tegan Books HarperCollins. He commits suicide by throwing himself into the chasm. The initiates will have to go through a series of training and evaluation. He goes to the Dauntless headquarters with Tris and others and becomes upset with her when she shoots Peter. Believing that George was killed because his divergence was discovered, she plans to exact revenge against Erudite, in particular Jeanine Matthews, for having executed her brother.

Her brother Robert transfers to Amity during the Choosing Ceremony. At the beginning of the novel, she and Caleb have a minor crush on each other. She stabs Jeanine with a knife and demands her to speak George's name before she dies, which she does. Myra does not appear in the film, as the subplot concerning Edward, his expulsion from Dauntless, and subsequently joining the factionless is cut.

By Veronica Roth

She comes to visit Tris on Visiting Day and after finding out her being Divergent, instructs her to visit her brother and talk to him about simulation serum. Veronica roth worked hard to divergent with lipstick. He is mentioned several times in Divergent as Tori recounts the experiences about her brother, warning Tris that she will be executed if the government discovers that she is a Divergent. In main divergent dating fellow spb le havre job dating ruth. Their natural chemistry is sparking dating games, its monophony groups the free encyclopedia.

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