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The straightest flying disc is the one with the least turn and the least fade. The tern is a great understand distance driver because just like the name of the disc suggests, pioneer bdc 202 driver the tern has turn. Best Innova Distance Driver. It has the stability of a TeeBird with the speed of a Valkyrie. It's hard to say its even a boss.

The Innova Star Valkyrie is a stable distance driver and has great glide. The Innova Champion Wraith is a long stable distance driver.

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Pros and Ams alike have been breaking their personal distance records with Blizzard Champion, not to mention the World Distance Record. It'll go right and come back left but wind up pretty straight from where you threw it as opposed to something that'll fall off to the left. Mild high speed turn puts the Shryke in glide mode. If you are looking for a great choice for a roller disc, you should really consider the Mamba. Innova Wraith - Star - Mini Stamp.

Some people can rip out a firebird perfectly straight on a low line and others can only throw putters straight without the disc fading out early. An innovative groove or channel on the underside of the rim allows this driver to be molded in lighter weights than other Innova wide rim high speed drivers.

It also makes a great hyzer flip disc. Its high glide, high speed, and high speed turn all combine to give big distance. Champion discs are distinguished by a clear or pearlescent plastic that retains original flight characteristics for an extended period of time. On low, level drives thrown with enough speed, the Firestorm flies straight with a forward-finishing fade. Innova Dominator - Champion Dyed.

Innova Shryke - Pro Driver. You may also like Innova Disc Golf Guide.

Innova Katana - Champion Metal Flake. Sword is by far the straightest high-speed driver there is.

The Innova Champion Orc is a straight flying stable distance driver with amazing glide and dependable fade. The Innova Champion Dyed Dominator is a fast, straight stable distance driver. My all time favorite driver.

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This disc is highly recommended for throwing forehand because its quite overstable and has a lower profile. This is a list of Innova Stable Distance Drivers. Which Innova distance driver is the best? The Innova Star Spider is a stable to slightly overstable mid range driver. Throwing farther usually means more birdie looks and lower scores.

Suitable for powerful throwers, but still manageable by beginners in lighter weights. The Mamba is one of the best roller discs on the market. The Innova Star Beast is a stable maximum distance driver. This disc is a relatively straight flyer with dependable fade.

Innova Mid Range Drivers - Stable

Way back when they revolutionized the game with the first modern disc and helped make disc golf what it is today. The Innova Champion Super Stingray is a stable mid range driver. We've been in the business since and throwing even longer.

Innova straightest driver

Innova Atlas - Champion Overmold. The Innova StarLite Valkyrie is a stable distance driver and has great glide. If you throw it with the nose up the Spider will turn left, with the nose down it will turn right.

The largest disc golf manufacturer and one you can count on to make great disc is Innova. Star Plastic offers the same outstanding durability of our regular Champion Plastic, plus improved grip like our Pro Plastic. If you've wanted to throw a really fast driver, but couldn't quite handle the wide rim, try the Colossus. It can be described as a longer Valkyrie. More experienced disc golfers can use this disc for shot shaping, turnovers and even rollers.

Advertisements allowed at the discretion of the moderators. The Innova Sttaightest Atlas Overmold is a straight stable mid-range driver. The Innova Pro Driver Katana is a stable distance driver. Extremely fast with glide and stability.

Yep, Comet is a mid-range disc. But it's my go to on a lot of straight holes. The Innova Star Corvette is a stable, ultra high-speed distance driver.

The Best Innova Distance Drivers - Disc Golf Action

The Innova Champion Mako is a stable mid range driver. Innova Beast - Champion Dyed.

These discs also retain their original flight characteristics for an extended period of time and look great doing it. It has the finesse you need when the course throws you curves. Innova Valkyrie - Champion Dyed.

Recommended downwind driver. Innova Valkyrie - StarLite.

Distance Drivers

What drivers for disc golf fly the straightest? It is a large diameter disc and Innova's straightest flying and straightest finishing mid range driver.

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