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Jdbc Driver For Sybase 15.7

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ConnectionRetryDelay Wait interval, in seconds, between connection retry attempts when the ConnectionRetryCount property is set to a positive integer. If unspecified, the port number specified for the primary server is used. See Using the AuthenticationMethod Property for more information about setting a value for this property. The password used to connect to your Sybase database. If the port is unspecified, the port number of the primary server is used.

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Jdbc driver for sybase 15.7

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If the specified authentication method is not supported by the database server, driver for nforce c51 chipset the connection fails and the driver throws an exception. Performance can be improved by increasing the amount of memory used by the driver before writing data to disk or by forcing the driver to never write insensitive result set data to disk.

In this case, the getTableName method may return an empty string for each column in the result set. LoadBalancing Determines whether the driver uses client load balancing in its attempts to connect to the database servers primary and alternate.

The driver ignores any values specified by the User and Password properties. If the port number is unspecified, the port number specified for the primary server is used. If a result set that contains only one or two rows of data does not completely fill a larger packet, performance will not improve by setting the value to the maximum packet size. Otherwise, the getTableName method may return an empty string for each column in the result set. If this property is not specified, the truststore password is specified by the javax.

If the value set for this property is greater than the number of prepared statements used by the application, all prepared statements are cached. Because result set data may be written to disk, the driver may have to reformat the data to write it correctly to disk. The amount of time, in seconds, the driver waits for a connection to be established before returning control to the application and throwing a timeout exception. This name is case-sensitive. To use the Sybase native batch mechanism, set the BatchPerformanceWorkaround connection property to true.

DatabaseName The name of the database to which you want to connect. AuthenticationMethod Determines which authentication method the driver uses when establishing a connection. If the size of the result set exceeds available memory, an OutOfMemoryException is generated. Similar to batch operations, performance improves because far fewer network round trips are required.

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This value overrides the password of the truststore file specified by the javax. If client load balancing is enabled, the driver uses a random pattern instead of a sequential pattern in its attempts to connect.

The Sybase Driver

If the cancel request times out, because the server is down, for example, the driver throws an exception indicating that the cancel request was timed out and the connection is no longer valid. EnableBulkLoad For batch inserts, the driver can use native bulk load protocols instead of the batch mechanism. This means that Sybase, not the driver, automatically starts a transaction when a transactionable statement is executed. Table Sybase Connection Properties. When using an Insert statement that contains no parameters, the Sybase driver supports the following form of the Statement.

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Password The password used to connect to your Sybase database. PacketSize Determines the number of bytes for each database protocol packet transferred from the database server to the client machine Sybase refers to this packet as a network packet.

These connection properties are optional for each alternate server entry. This value provides the best performance, but your application typically experiences a short wait while the failover connection is attempted. Bulk load bypasses the data parsing usually done by the database, providing an additional performance gain over batch operations.