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Mutoh Drafstation Rj 900 Driver

They mutoh rj a mutoh rj gamut with bright and vibrant colours and mutoh rj give you comfortable light, washing and perspiration fastness properties. Whereas the Mutoh dye based inks are suited for interior prints, texas instruments pcixx21 driver windows 7 Mutoh pigmented inks are ideal for long-term indoor graphics as well as for short term outdoor applications.

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Avoid either organic solvents or gasoline. For grid roller, wipe off the dirt of the unpainted silver color area of the center section with damp and tightly squeezed soft cloth. MediaSet Menu Various settings on printing media can be set. Insert the sheet media into the media feed slot on the printer front side. Performs front feeding and back feeding by the Manual amount of print data.

Mutoh drafstation rj 900 driver

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Confirm that Operation panel is in the Normal condition. If media still gets creases, increase the number of Pressure arms to release. The following sizes of sheet media can be used with the printer. Lift both end of the scroller, and manually rewind the roll media.

Mutoh DrafStation RJ Pro

The appropriate temperature and humidity for printing are as follows. Changing the head height may allow you to avoid the head rub. Important Safety Instructions It could lead to an electric shock and fire. Check that the problem is solved, and then finish troubleshooting. Raise Media loading lever.

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When the product is operating correctly, the operation panel displays each operation status as below. Set the scroller correctly. Green Lamp Running in the power saving mode. Push the media loading lever backward.

Be sure to tell us the code no. Pull the media loading lever forward.

The printer is fit for both mutoh rj and established businesses wanting to extend their product portfolio. While installing the driver, Windows security warning may be displayed.

Operation Procedure Labels Avoid either organic solvents or gasoline. For printing board, wipe out paper powder and ink using a damp and tightly squeezed soft cloth. Possible cause Remedy Reference Are you using the dedicated media? Move the carriage section from the top of the media to the right. Refer to the followings for types and details of media.

Attach the new cutter as shown in the illustration. Print head returns to Spitting box for every shuttle per the set number.

Align the right end of media to the media loading mark, and align the front edge to step of the platen respectively. Setup item Description Setup Setup list printing is performed. Follow the procedure below to change the set value for media feed compensation. Margin You can make settings for the margins. Name Description Image Displays the output image to the printer.

The feeding length depends on the media type. Printing direction setting You can make settings for the printing direction.

Mutoh DrafStation RJ Pro

Set when general media is used. After that perform head cleaning once again and check the printed image. Pull out the waste fluid box. Media top feed Make settings for the media tip feeding function.

Install the printer driver again. Pick up the new ink cartridge from the bag. Draw the media to your side, and cut the torn part with a razor blade, etc. Replace Flushing box sponges when replacing the ink cartridge K.

Be aware that the settings determined in the printer are not effective for many functions and that the settings determined in the printer driver are always prioritized over the printer settings. Driver and port to be installed are displayed. If you want to print after uninstalling the printer driver, install it again.

If the printer is not used for a longer period, make sure to pull out the power plug from the power socket for safety. Put the network interface cable to the cable clamp.

The inks offer excellent nozzle stability for high speed and high volume printing and will produce perfect image sharpness and definition. Doing so may cause injury.

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It could lead to an electric shock and fire. Printing starts after the head height has been changed.


To use Media ejection tray, you have to set it first. Verify the following regarding the operational condition of the printer.