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By the third day, the flooding problem was under control. In this rendering McGinnis first finds the depression in while on a fishing expedition. And what is the meaning of the parchment with the letters V and I on it?

The Money Pit of Oak Island

In order to consolidate his kingdom, he went to war with the governor of the French province of Brittany, a leader of the Catholic League who endeavoured to separate Brittany from France. Virginia Historical Society. And how to protect they secrets from ho attempt to drill the hole. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Oak Island Nova Scotia - Carbon Dating


Is There Really Something To Be Found On Oak Island
The UFO Dossier

So, if we accept and not everyone does that Arcadia, the promised new land that the Templar Knights hierarchy knew of was indeed the North American continent, where did this knowledge come from? Its on private land, and the owner will not give access to new teams. No matter if we seek treasure or truth, we all long for the chance to turn just a few thrusts of the shovel, and we care not what we find.

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Aerial shot of Oak Island. List of treasure hunters Treasure map Treasure hunting. If it was dug when sea levels were lower, did they plan ahead for sea levels to rise so the trap would work? The incised symbols on that stone actually form a map. They induced colonists in the Carolinas to create the tar kilns because of the dense pine forests Can you say Tar Heels?

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  • The true purpose of the stone triangle is not fully understood.
  • His son then went down the shaft, and also lost consciousness.
  • Any wood, paper textiles are destroyed by now.

The problem with carbon dating the wood is that submersion in salt water gives false readings. The carbon dating was apparently inconclusive, giving inconsistent results according to one source, even futuristic dates. Rick and Alex accept the invitation and decide to head to France with Peter Fornetti in order to meet Sonia Matossian and get to the bottom of the La Rochefoucauld mystery. However, batman other theories do suggest the structure is French and naval in style. It was dated to a hundred years or more prior to the beginning of the great.

The Curse of Oak Island- Season 4 Episode 14 Of Sticks and Stones

We have to look at the stone work and know that they did all of it without modern machines. That can explain the rather old dates for the coconut fibers. During his visit to the Old Country, Champlain also had an engraving made of one of his maps of New France- the map introduced in this episode of The Curse of Oak Island.

The group gave up the search in having found nothing of interest. For one the African American that fought for the British and received land there became one of the riches people in the area buy raising crops on the Island. In late possible evidence for this theory was discovered - a year-old brooch containing a large garnet was found on the island. So some guy could dig in a sinkhole yrs and they only found a couple coins and some ship parts.

We know there was a British camp on the island. Various items have surfaced over the years that were found on the island, some of which have since been carbon-dated and found to be hundreds of years old. All - If you look at the current data for carbon dating, you'll learn that it is unreliable for anything under years old. Ime sure somone must of carbon dated the wood?

Is There Really Something To Be Found On Oak Island

If it were money, original shakespear manuscripts, or even the missing crown jewels, there is a better chance we would have heard of it. Sebastian Were the measurements in this translation converted? By this time there were many shafts, bore holes, and tunnels under Oak Island by previous treasure hunters.

This would appear to some kind of Masonic ritual. Maybe there is a secret path to the tresure in a different location. Ever since the end of the First Crusade, Jerusalem had been ruled by conquering French Crusader kings. If I could go over there then I would get to the treasure.

The top of the stone bears a cutlass-shaped indentation which Barkhouse claims was much more defined when he first laid eyes on it twenty years ago. Marcus has been Editor-in-Chief for several years due to his excellent knowledge in these fields. And specifically, the families connected to them, hundreds of years later. The men mark the location of the future borehole with spray paint and prepare to sink their final hole.

Artefacts found - Searching for Oak Island s Money Pit Treasures

McCully which retold the story of the stone. The site consists of digs by numerous people and groups of people. This problem will not be solved in the next years or more!

The home of Oak Island s Money Pit Mystery since 2001

And given the lack of any concrete findings on the island this might could be very much the case. How deep is the surrounding water? That actually is the best outcome for these guys. Perhaps, with this in mind, if we accept Masonic involvement not only in the treasures of Oak Island but in the harboring of the true knowledge of human history, dating a 21 we should note Sir Francis Bacon.

Armed with proper skepticism and the willingness to look deeper than the modern sensationalized retellings, the Money Pit's intrigue and enchantment begin to fade. After more than years of excavation, that entire part of Oak Island is now a wasteland of tailings and abandoned gear, and the location of the original Money Pit is no longer known. So, there was a British presence on the island that predates the discovery of the Money Pit.

At feet they began burrowing toward the treasure. But one thing is certain, they were world travelers. Although the pumps were unable to keep water out of the flooded side shaft, boring samples were taken.

If there were treasure down there, there is also a good possibility that it was moved within the lifetime of the builders. The maid fled to London with the jewels, and perhaps artwork, documents and other treasures, secreted on her person or in her luggage. And furthermore, and more importantly, he was not a divine person as The Bible tells it, but a Pharaoh in waiting, singles dating sites by lineage.

Oak Island mystery

In many ways, this way of thinking would match the enlightened perspectives in parts of Europe, and in particular England and Scotland, throughout the early s. The excavation was eventually abandoned after workers attempted to recover the treasure from below by digging a tunnel from a second shaft that also flooded. Live Shows Calendar Information.

Coconuts are not found in Nova Scotia, nor anywhere in the vicinity. Out of this small settlement, Champlain spent the following two years exploring and mapping the coast of what would one day become New England. Bowdoin also examined Smith's Cove, dating adhd woman where drain tunnels and a ring bolt in a rock had reportedly been seen. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

If that drill started spitting out gold coins it would be the worst day of their lives. Too afraid to make their presence known to the looters, the treasure hunters watched in horror as the ship disembarked and vanished into the night. Holes were drilled, geographic surveying was done, ground penetrating radar was used and metal detectors were deployed.

Carbon dating reports Oak Island Treasure

And work that the Sinclairs were carrying forward from a time that, at the very least, hails back to the start of the historical record. Scissors An old pair or wrought iron scissors was recovered from an area beneath what was believed to be the flood tunnel system at Smith's Cove. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. In April of a Michigan group, said it will resume operations on Oak Island in the hope of discovering buried treasure and the mystery of Oak Island.

Oak Island carbon dating reports

  1. Rick explains that, according to accepted Oak Island history, the original Money Pit shaft collapsed two times in the last years.
  2. Artefacts Discovered Gallery.
  3. If it was close to the same diameter as the dirt shaft and started from the bottom up duh and built up to the top like you were casing a water well shaft or something like that.
  4. His father is known to be equally enthusiastic about wine, hence the family business.
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